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Map examples

All map examples were generated with our plugin. Most examples can be imported directly to your plugin. A download button can be found at the end of each example page.

Use Other Shortcodes With Your Map


If you want to use other shortcodes with your map, you can’t insert them directly in the click value. You will have to insert them on the same page where you use the map shortcode. You have to wrap your shortcodes in container and hide/show the correct container when the user clicks on your map. In the example above we used the following construction:

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Map using an Icon Font

This text will change, if you click on one of the markers!

This is a sample map showing custom markers. This can be achieved by using the display mode “text markers”. This mode normally displays text instead of circles at the marker position. If you replace the default font of the text markers by an icon font, we will be able to use icons on our map. In this example, we used the icon font FontAwesome.

In the following, we will describe what has to be changed in the map template to get icon markers. This is what we have to do:

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World Map with Text Markers

This example highlights the corresponding row when a text marker is clicked. For example, if you click on Melbourne, you will see that the first row is highlighted.

# Date Location
1 March 16th Melbourne
2 April 20th Shanghai
3 May 11th Barcelona
4 June 8th Montréal
5 July 6th Silverstone
6 July 27th Mogyoród
7 September 21st Singapur
8 October 12th Austin
9 November 9th Interlagos
10 November 23rd Abu Dhabi

We added a table to this map which can be useful to display additional information. We extend the default HTML of this map to the following. A complete version can be found at the end in the map configuration.

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Responsive? Yes!

Our maps are fully responsive. They automatically fit into the available width. Try it by resizing your browser window.

Did you know…

  • All examples are importable to your plugin.
  • We extend our set of examples from time to time. If you think there is an example missing, write us a message and we will try to add it!

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Example for a sidebar map

All maps can also easily be added to your sidebar.