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Map examples

All map examples were generated with our plugin. Most examples can be imported directly to your plugin. A download button can be found at the end of each example page.

Load content from another page

This example shows how to load content from another page. We will basically use jQuery and the load method. You will need some knowledge in jQuery und about selectors.

All maps from this plugin allow to execute a JavaScript code whenever a region, marker or text is clicked. You can define an individual click value for each of these map elements. This value is available in the JavaScript code and can be used to do certain actions. This will also be useful in this example.

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Responsive? Yes!

Our maps are fully responsive. They automatically fit into the available width. Try it by resizing your browser window.

Did you know…

  • All examples are importable to your plugin.
  • We extend our set of examples from time to time. If you think there is an example missing, write us a message and we will try to add it!

User reviews

  • Best map-plugin I could find.
  • Great support. Real fast response. This was exactly what I needed. Very flexible and useful.
  • Was waiting for plugin like this for ages! Customer support is also great.
  • Customer support is excellent and very quick. I have no hesitation in recommending this product.

Example for a sidebar map

All maps can also easily be added to your sidebar.